Friday, April 8, 2011

There's No Faking Out God

Tragic is the only word to describe a young woman who has fallen so deeply in love that she does not realize her husband is seeing another woman. She believes all the flattery ("I couldn't live without you,") and the lies ("I just couldn't get away from work,"), living in a world of illusion. Her trust is complete and her love undying. It's a cruel person who will lead on another human being for purely selfish motives, but it happens all too frequently. Divided hearts are nothing new.

If tragic is the word to describe a betrayed lover, pathetic is the only word for a person who tries to two-time God. Two-timing God is basically the same thing as the human variety. The person tells God, "I love you Lord. I trust in you for all things and I dedicate my life to you." But in day to day living the individual's life betrays the truth that he/she is living for self. Such a life is pathetic because the only one being fooled is the spiritual two-timer. God knows what we are thinking. He sees what is in our hearts. There is no faking him out.

This Sunday we're going to study an important meeting Jesus had with a young man who was so deceived that everything was right between himself and God that he didn't even realize he was bowing down each day and worshipping an idol--the idol of money. And it wasn't until Jesus hit him between the eyes with a clear proposition that he realized what had been going on. What Jesus said to this young man and how he treated him does not provide for a comfortable study. The implications of this meeting for our own lives, however, are of the greatest importance. It is an easy temptation to fall into, that of paying lip service to Jesus while living in a self-centered way. We need to hear Christ's strong words to jolt us out of our complacency. No matter how clever we are, we can't fool him. He will accept no other place in our lives than that of Lord. Join us this Sunday morning at 10:00 am to make a fresh start in your life with Jesus.

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