Friday, April 22, 2011

The Only Important Question

The account of Jesus' resurrection on the first Easter Sunday can raise a wide variety of questions but only one is of any real importance: "Is it true that Jesus Christ physically rose from the dead?" This is not only an important question, it is THE question. For if the answer is negative, then we are stuck in the same predicament we have been in since the beginning of time--we continue to be prisoners of death. But if the answer is positive, then everything changes--absolutely everything.

The reason the disciples of Jesus Christ readily gave up their lives for preaching his resurrection was that they understood its consequences on the human race. They realized that it would be morally unconscionable not to divulge this message to all of humanity. To hide the message of the resurrection would be more dastardly than to keep secret the cure for cancer.

Have you seriously examined the historical evidence of the resurrection? Have you thought deeply about what Christ's coming back to life could mean to you and how it would change your life? Or have you been too busy living at a breakneck speed to have time for questions like those? Is it possible there may be something in the Easter story that could literally transform your life?

Join us this Easter Sunday at 10:00 am. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is just too important to dismiss without a fair hearing.

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