Friday, October 1, 2010

United We Stand

It isn't in style to say, "I need you," to another human being. Instead, we are told to be independent, to develop a lifestyle that keeps other human beings at a distance, a controllable distance. Some people even say, "You don't want to get too close to anyone because then you are vulnerable, open to being hurt." The truth of life, however, is much different. From the time we are born, we are dependent on other people and this principle holds true until the day we die. We can't do life alone, no matter how self-sufficient we might try to be. That's good news though. In fact, it is fantastic news, because God designed us not only to be dependent on him but interdependent on each other. When we understand that truth, our lives become not only much easier, but much more full.

When the Apostle Peter came to the final chapter in his letter to a group of first century Christians he reminded them to stick together, to work together, to support one another. Why? Because Christians share a common enemy who is bigger than we are. That enemy is Satan. Jesus called Satan a deceiver, the father of lies and a murderer. Those statements in themselves tell us how dangerous the Devil is. Throughout the New Testament we hear again and again of the necessity of Christians coming together for the purpose of mutual support and encouragement as we fight together against the attacks of Satan. When it comes to the Christian life, we are in this together, for eternity.

The Devil is just as much a "roaring lion looking for someone to devour" today as he was two thousand years ago when Peter first wrote those words. What we 21st century Christians need to take to heart is what it means to be "devoured" by Satan. Peter isn't being overly dramatic, he's describing the horrible consequences of leaving Christ and following Satan. Jesus left no doubt: he opened heaven for all, however, if a person rejects his offer, the only other alternative to spending eternity in heaven is to spend it in hell. That's what Satan wants. That's why together we must do everything from preventing that from happening. Together we stand. Join us this Sunday and let's stand together.

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